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PasaLine includes both inline and "all in one" units. All PasaLine equipment is design to work with plates ranging from 0,6 to 7,0 mm in thickness.

5280 D/LF

Following abbriviations are used in the model names: P - washout unit; E - exposure unit; D - dryer ; F(LF) - finishing unit; A - "all in one" unit; First four figures in the model name correspond to the maximum plate size to be used (inches).

3040 EDF / 3647 EDF

5280 E/TL

2530 P / 3040 P

Serie A

3647 P / 5280 P


Waterflow -- compact plate making machines specially designed for thepreparation of letterpress photopolymer plates.The system is designed for plate makers on a low budget.

Waterpress -- very compact and economic "tower version" processing unit with horizontal washout for all types of letterpress plates.The exposure is located in a drawer which is mounted on slides.

Washout time and water temperature are computer controlled.The two drying drawers are fitted with a thermo fan equipped with a heater.The drying time is computer controlled and the temperature is thermostat controlled.

Visio -- compact unit, integrating all the plate processing steps required after exposure in a modern in line format and comprises a flat washout section, in line dryer and in line post exposure. An optional exposure unit, fitted under the pre-dryer section, may be specified to provide a total process solution! Visio 76/102L is a shorter version of the Visio designed for processing letterpress plates.



Visio 76/102L

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